101 Street Apartments

Our Goal...

To aid in the transition between incarceration and community living. We assist residents with their reintegration and preparation for independent living by providing a safe, supportive, and structured environment.

Our Program...

• Provides service to adult males on release in the community under authority of the National Parole Board and Alberta Justice and Solicitor General.

• Offers a 24-bed, community based, residential special needs treatment facility.

• Serves individuals who have been deemed a higher risk, higher need or who have various psychiatric diagnosis, physical disabilities and brain injuries.

• Requires referrals from institutional and community based parole officers. 101 Street Apartments conducts a formal file review to determine a suitable Reintegration Plan.

• Determines reintegration plan by reviewing the individual's attitude and release plan, completed programming, willingness and availability of treatment within the community and a risk/needs assessment.Works in collaboration with the resident's Parole Officer to develop and implement a case plan.

• Completes crime cycle development with all residents. 

• Seeks to protect the community by providing supervision and support to residents who are on community release.

Our Services...

The staff work with the residents in order to help facilitate a successful transition from the prison system into the community.

We offer:
• Shelter and food to all residents;

• Skilled caseworkers;

• Registered nurse and on-site clinic;

• Referrals to Edmonton John Howard Society's intake and employment services.

In-Reach Caseworker:

• Works to identify hard-to-place clients and reach out to these individuals through institutional visits and phone calls.

• Collaborates with the case management team in order to provide additional support and increase the likelihood of reintegration success.

• Is available to meet with residents at both 101 Street Apartments and Independence Apartments.

• Designed to meet the initial and ongoing psychiatric and medical need of clients with multiple barriers.

Community Assessment And Parole Supervision (CAPS)

• Interviews are conducted with families and friends of offenders to assess the degree of support they are willing to offer both during and after incarceration

• Provides supervision during Unescorted Temporary Absences (UTA’s).


101 Street Apartments accepts referrals from institutional and community based Parole Officers. Residency is determined by conducting a formal file/review which determines the applicant's suitability for residency.

Residency is determined by reviewing the following:

• Client's attitude and release plan.

• Completed programming and adherence to Correctional Treatment Plan.

• Willingness and availability of treatment within the community.

• Risk/need assessment.


    When I come for help, the staff are very kind and treat me great.  The staff are always in a good mood and optimistic.

    Adult Support Services – Client

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    The information in the stress management course was great and I learned a lot. 

    Edmonton Remand Centre - Client

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    My experience has been great in a comfortable and peaceful home.

    Donnelly House - Client

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    Living at the LOFT allows me to have a second chance at life.

    LOFT - Client


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    NOVA is the closest thing to a family I have had in a long while.

    NOVA - Client

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